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Aerial of Orlando North Airpark
Orlando Business Journal article about Orlando North Airpark

Orlando North Airpark


Originally established in the late 1960s, Orlando North Airpark began as an agricultural airstrip primarily used for crop dusting. Its purpose was to manage the cropland in the surrounding areas, including what is now known as the Apopka Wildlife Drive and other farmland.

Transition to Private Airfield

In 2001, significant changes occurred. The airpark underwent construction to create a 48-hangar facility, effectively transforming it from a private agricultural strip into a private airfield. This transition allowed aviation enthusiasts in Central Florida and beyond to use the airfield for small planes.


Orlando North Airpark now boasts a 2600-foot paved runway, making it suitable for takeoffs and landings. The airpark provides hangars for private use, offering convenient access to various destinations in the area. It’s situated on the north shore of Lake Apopka, which adds to its scenic appeal.